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It is the most boring thing ever in quarantine but we will stay in high-spirits. We wish we could go out on a shop. We are down to our last two eggs!!

My Mummy also has mild symptoms. On our first day Daddy had me making caution signs for her door.

After a little while we found a secret twelve eggs at the back of the fridge. In addition Daddy found a shopping spot on Wednesday 1st April. It is quite lucky but a minimum of 80 items. We all got one Easter Egg. I choose a Lintdor Egg, Mummy choose a Twix. Also, Daddy choose a Bounty Egg for Easter. We may eat them before Easter because we are 'Chocolate feands' (especially me!!). However, me and mummy may have our birthday's in isolation. We will still celebrate at home.

Our Pets

Image of Charlotte and Poppy

More over our dog Poppy is not enjoying having '0' walks!! :(

Poppy is funny dog because she is scared of the basketball and she used to love it!! However, it is still fun with Lily and Angel the Guineapigs. They are normally not giving us much attention and sometimes Daddy forgets to bring them in and we do it in the dark.

Poppy's Toilet Roll Challenge

Charlotte's Super Reads

Hi, I especially love reading so I decided I may post my favourite reads for all of you. But get your mum or dad to check you can read them first.

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