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A unique online learning experience using the most up-to-date materials and latest interactive technology.

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The brief

Splash Sea School wanted to create a unique educational opportunity by combining their passions for learning and sailing. They realised the limitations of classroom-based training and wanted a solution that was accessible to all and that worked across all platforms and devices, regardless of geographical location. At the same time, they wanted the solution to still deliver the benefits of classroom training, with instant access to training materials and tutor support/feedback, and the ability for instructors to track students’ progress.

A user-friendly solution

Working in close partnership with Splash Sea School and using the RYA Yachtmaster, Day Skipper and Essential Navigation courses, we created a user-friendly online study and training platform. Some of the features that make it so successful are:

  • Mechanisms to engage students and collate feedback
  • Tracking of student progress and flagging up of student issues
  • Internal messaging system between tutors and students
  • Integration of a simple secure payment solution so that students can have instant access to course materials
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Combining the creativity that makes learning enjoyable, the professionalism that defines Splash Sea School and the versatility of the latest technologies, the application has enabled Splash Sea School to deliver world-class learning.

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Feedback from students shapes all future developments, and the ongoing success of Splash Sea School is down to their investment in their offering and brand.

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An online success

With thousands of students having used the platform, a high success rate and an endorsement from the RYA, Splash Sea School are now the market leader in online training for the marine industry; and with its re-sellable format, many other sea schools are now using their platform for delivering excellent theoretical learning, which has further increased the return on investment.

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Splash Website Design Layout

We are consistently delighted with the quality and the creative approach from Stephen and his team. They exceed our expectations every time in supporting our critical application.

John Kelso Splash Sea School